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Adult Judo

Adult Judo

Ages: 13+

The El Idrissi Academy martial arts curriculum provides a great way for adults to stay in shape. Judo places an emphasis on throwing opponents and subduing them via pins and locks, making it an effective form of self-defense. 

Judo is said to translate to “the gentle way,” because it focuses on maneuvers that use the opponent's motion against them- the core concept of "minimum effort, maximum efficiency" carries far off of the mats.

Adult Judo

NoGi Takedowns

Ages: 18+

Our No-Gi Takedown class is designed for all grapplers wanting to take their standing techniques to the next level. Throws are essential in grappling and the best way to become better is to attend our sessions!

You will learn how to attack and defend takedowns. Techniques will be a mixture of upper and lower body takedowns from Sambo, Wrestling, Judo, and No-Gi BJJ - including Alaa’s most trusted offensive & defensive moves. These techniques are made so you can safely fight for takedowns - no wrestling experience or athleticism needed!

El Idrissi Strength Dojo offers a special focus that will push you in the right direction.

Adult Martial Arts Taekwondo Fitness Karate

Martial Arts Conditioning & Personal Training

Ages: 18+

Whether you have plateaued with the results you have achieved on your own, or are just getting back into a fitness routine, the accountability of having a personal trainer is going to be the sure way to fast track your results.

Whether you simply want to get fit using a martial arts based class or want to improve your fitness to enhance your martial arts journey, our classes will help you achieve your goals.